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dsc_6180.jpgMay 1st we finally arrived at our grand opening inspite of delays and change of locations.  What a terrific day.

May 15th We finally got our official web site up and hopefully running.

May 17th working on getting other unofficial Country Critter Web sites deactivated to prevent any further confusion.  These sites were not posted by Country Critters so this has proved to be a challenge.  Thank you for being patient with us.


12 thoughts on “Blog at Country Critters Campground

  1. We are a work in progress learning to blog. We are so excited to have people who love to camp come visit our campground near Shiloh National park and enjoy what nature has to offer.


  2. We are looking forward to Buford Pusser Days May 24-28, 2018. We hope you will come enjoy the festivities


  3. Hardin County Agricultural Fair
    September 17-22, 2018


    1. Come and enjoy the birds singing by day; and look at the stars by night.. Yet we are only less than 2 miles from a Piggy Wiggly grocery store for your convenience…

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  4. Come and stay with us June 29 and 30th
    at Country Critters campground and rv park
    .and enjoy in the local area the
    Savannah Bluegrass Festival.
    Savannah, Tennessee
    friday and saturday June 29 & 30
    located friday night at Wayne Jerrolds Park and saturday noon, at Court Square
    Around 15 to 20 different bluegrass bands including bluegrass legend Wayne Jerrolds

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  5. Thank you for assisting my Husband set up our RV since I was unavailable
    And a Big Thank you for the second night after I arrived with our children that you made a small campfire
    for us to roast hot dogs and Smores ( I didn’t realize how fun I missed ) it was a complete smash hit!!
    One final thank you for introducing your farm animals esp.. that duck called Donald!!! What are wonderful
    idea Farmvaction Hey I also loved the thought of haybale gardening that’s neat.. Hope to see you in a few weeks
    when the children and I return for another visit.. Here’s Quacking !!!

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    1. Yes that was fun watching your kiddos cook, burn, smash, then eat those marshmallows!!
      We strive to make an enjoyable stay here with lasting memories for all. Thank you, for your suggestion we will plan for that hike through Shiloh National
      Park September 1st, Everyone is invited we going have a potluck at noon, call us for more information 731-434-8989


  6. What a tremendous little park this is. The owner, Russ, almost within five minutes makes you feel like we are family. I don’t know about anyone else but I have never experienced anything like it. I don’t want to leave because of the way you are treated hear in a place I call, “God’s best-kept secret.” There is absolutely not enough I could say about this nice place away from the main roads but close enough for all that this area provides. I came to Country Critters Campground and RV because it was 2 miles from the Buford Pusser Home and Museum but never realized just how many places there are to go and visit. No, if you’re on a diet stay away from Russ, he knows all the good places to eat. That reminds me, Thanks Russ, I couldn’t fit into my other pants when I got home. Love you all, Gordon and Sue Bradley. See you soon Country Critters Campground and Rv, Russ owes me a pizza!! lol

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  7. Thank you Gordon and Sue for allowing us to be part of your first RV experience. It’s been very fun and interesting to meet someone else who lives clear across the continent from where I used to live. Who is a Buford Pusser fan and Civil War
    Enthusiast. Take care of yourself and hope to see you again soon,
    Stay in contact with us
    Safe travels, friend


  8. I want to wish all our Rver’s presently at our Campground a Very Merry Christmas.

    I hope you enjoy the Christmas wreath we left for each of you.

    Remember if there anything to make your stay more comfortable during the winter months here at Country Critters Campground and RV Park..let’s us know.


  9. Puddin Crumpton March 26, 2019 — 9:44 pm

    We made to the camp ground a day ahead of our family get together and Russ was absolutely great . Being our first time to camp he helped us completely, set up and showed us exactly what we needed. Couldn’t have found a better place to have our four day get away. Gave us directions on where the sites were that we came to see and even loaned us his shop vac for all the dog hair in he truck( lol). Thank you and anyone looking to have a great trip this is the place to go !!! We had a blast. !!

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    1. I really enjoyed getting to know you and your family.When we first talked on the phone you requested that you wanted two sites side by side. Then upon arrival we came up with a wonderful plan.. Have one of the trailers pulled in the opposite direction and line up the doors to each trailer. With this concept the grass meridian in between now you could visit easily with your brother and his family. I remember this idea to share with other campers when traveling together. Thank you for choosing Country Critters Campground for your reunion.


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